Medina Personal Care Pantry 

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Start a Pantry in Your Area

Many areas have food pantries, sometimes multiple pantries in the same city.

Not many places have a Personal Care Pantry, where large quantities of items are distributed to many families. SNAP or any kind of food stamp program does not cover personal care , laundry or cleaning items.

We began our pantry in 2013, serving 8 families at the first one. We have grown to where we now serve anywhere from 200 to 250 families in a month. That takes a ton of stuff and hours of work.

We have learned a lot since we began in 2013. If you have the interest/ desire to see a Personal Care Pantry in your area, we would be happy to share with you all that we have learned-what has worked and what has not; how to recruit volunteers; how to raise funds;

how to find great deals for product: how to develop a presence in the community and much more.

If you would like to talk further, contact Roger at 440-567-0769 or email me at and I would be happy to discuss how you can get a pantry started in your community.